Olive Orchard set up at AIOU for academic experiment

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Islamabad: An Olive Orchard has been initiated here Tuesday at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), which is to advance creation of the olive natural product in the nation.

It is an augmentation of the University’s professional flowerbed for advancing scholarly exploration in cultivating and agriculture area.

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The AIOU’s Olive Orchard will fill in as undeniable nursery to give scholarly help to the understudies of farming sciences, said Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Zia-Ul-Qayyum at the debut service that was to a great extent went to by the officials and the representatives.

He guaranteed that work power (cultivators) associated with its improvement will be completely supported and encouraged. He trusted that they will appropriately take care of the Orchard that is ideally to begin delivering the organic product inside 3-4 years. A sensible space has been apportioned in the principle Campus for its turn of events and around 1500 saplings have been planted that have been made accessible with the help of National Olive Promotional Project.

online universities in usa > College Scholarships > Scholarship Application Strategies > Apply for Scholarships

online universities in usa > College Scholarships > Scholarship Application Strategies > Apply for Scholarships

The Vice Chancellor while planting its sapling alongside different officials of the University reported that the AIOU will be some assistance to the legislature for creation of the valuable organic products like Olive. The University will be a wellspring of wide-scope of plants and it will expand excellence and exploration condition of the college. As per Prof. Dr. Sher Muhammad, Chairman Department of Agricultural Sciences AIOU, the Orchard will comprise of well known assortment Gemblic other than pollinators (Bari Zaitoon-I, Bari Zaitoon-II and Coratina).

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Dr. Sabir Hussain Shah, Assistant Professor, the University’s Department of Agricultural Sciences stated, a well-prepared tissue culture lab is additionally accessible in the University that will support the understudies and academicians to increase the different natural products assortments.

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