AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 207 Autumn & Spring 2023

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 207 Autumn & Spring 2023. Solved Assignments code 207 Science 2023. Submit to allama iqbal open university tutors address.

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 207 Autumn & Spring 2023

Course: Compulsory English-I Course Code 207
Level: Matric/SSC
Semester: Autumn & Spring 2023
Assignment No. 1

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1: Read the dialogue from unit no 1 about Kamal Baig and then re-write the information about Ali in a paragraph form:
Ali’s surname is Butt. His middle name is Raza. He is from Lahore. He is a Lab Assistant at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. His duty time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. His address is 196 Gulberg 3 Lahore. His cell Number is 0300-3064960. He is 25 years old and married.

AIOU Solved Assignments Code 207 Autumn & Spring 2023

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2: In Unit 1, you have studied question forms, below is an activity related to question forms. Choose the correct WH Questions given in the box to complete each of the following question:
When did you start School? I started school in Azad Kashmir in the year 1998.
Which subjects did you like best? I liked physics and the chemistry?
When did you finish school? I finished in 2008.
Where did you join the college? I joined the college in the Muree.
How many hours do you study? I study 8 hours day.
Why did you join college in Murree? It is near to my city.
What do you take in breakfast? I take paratha and egg.
Who prepares your breakfast? Our hostel’s cook prepares our Breakfast.
When are you leaving for your village? I am leaving aftr my exams.
Whose cell phone is in your hands? It is my father’s cell phone.

AIOU Solved Assignments English-I Code 207

image 26

4: In unit 2, exercise 1, you ht,,, listened and read the dialogue between Major Haq and Soomro Sahab. Now fill in the blank spaces with the correct information.
Name of the owner: Mr. Allah Buksh Somro
Name of the interested tenant: Maj Inam ul Haq
Telephone number of the owner: 790099
Address of the house: Civil lines, Second house on the right of the civil line road.

AIOU Solved Assignments Compulsory English-I

5: In Unit 2, page 47 you have read and listened to the recorded text 4. Now answer the questions based on the dialogue between Arifa and Riffat.

i. Arifa has mother in law, two sisters in laws in her family.
ii. Sara is getting married.
iii.The wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place in December.
iv. Arifa is very busy.
v. Riffat’s father in law is bed ridden.

AIOU Solved Assignments Code 207 Autumn & Spring 2023

6: Unit 3 deals with ‘Education and Career Plans’. Go to page 69, exercise 6, where an advertisement of job for a Superintendent is given. The administration requires the following information. Fill in the form given below with information about yourself.

image 27

AIOU Solved Assignments Compulsory English-I Autumn & Spring 2023

8: In Unit 3, page 73, you have read about Aziz’s success story. Here are some expressions, from this story. Now write a paragraph approximately 200 words using following expressions.

Ahmad belonged to a poor family. WhenN was born, his father was working as a clerk in a private company. Ahmad had four siblings 4:0,11vas quite difficult for his father to support such a large family. They were living hands to mouth. Ahmad was born intelligent and hardworking. He never get afraid of his circumstances,,Ahcontinued to study in government school and working in a workshop in the evening. Living at kind of situation, they had to face another disaster. One day, while coming back from his office, his father died in a road accident. Now the whole family was depending on Ahmad. It was difficult for him defmitely but he never gave up. He was very optimistic. He was still*-king hard not only for himself but for his family too. He always remembered his father4 beam that he wanted to see him as a successful doctor. He started giving home tuitions for extra learning. He never forgot his aim. Although the circumstances were not in his favour, he faced them with strong will and determination. It was his firm belief on himself and on his hard work that he achieved his goal. He not only became a famous and dedicated doctor but he was also a gold medalist in his university.
Moreover: AIOU Results
i. Standard of living:

Meaning: The degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community. Sentence: Aslam’s standard of living is very high.
Following his dream:
Meaning: Coming after or as a result of dream.
Sentence: Following his father’s dream, he became doctor.
Further his education:
Meaning: Formal education as a private student.
Sentence: She couldn’t continue further her education.
Determined to continue:
Meaning: Strongly motivated to carry on
Sentence: Mrs. Ateeq is determined to continue her husband’s mission.
Believed in hard work meaning:
Trusted in effort
Sentence: Those nations make progress who believed in hard work.


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