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ZOO504 GDB Fall 2021 solution idea:

Credit: Amaan Khan


Q: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wildlife conservation?



  • It is very essential to maintain the ecological balance on the earth
  • Today variety of plants products like lumber, paper, rubber, soils, dyes & fibers are supplied by wild
  • Insects & the birds add to the economic gains through pollination of the
  • From clothes to the medicines, buildings materials to variety of chemical all are extracted from exiting wild life around
  • Wild life is an integral part of an ecosystem.
  • Wild life protects animals, plants & trees from
  • Hunting of wild life disturbs the ecological balance on the earth’s surface. so wild life is essential.
  • The food chain will get effects. It creates the balance in the food.



  • Wild life causes harm to the critical habitat.
  • Is not sustainable in the long run.
  • Provides little economic potential for local people.
  • Wild life is mobile resource & difficult to control.
  • The risk of getting injured by animals is high.
  • They will kill
  • There is a huge competition involved in wild life
  • Wild life can be harassed, stressed, harmed or even killed by the tourists or the tourist related activities. Even seemingly beneficial activities like feeding can alter behavior & have negative impacts.

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