STA642 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

STA642 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

STA642 GDB Spring 2023

STA642 GDB Spring 2023 solution idea:

Credit: Mahar Afaq Safdar Muhammadi


The Bernoulli Trial

A Bernoulli trial is an experiment that results in two outcomes: success and failure. One example of a Bernoulli trial is the coin tossing experiment, which results in heads or tails.

Assumption of Bernoulli distribution

1. Each trial results in one of two possible outcomes, denoted success (S) or failure (F).
2. The probability of S remains constant from trial-to-trial and is denoted by p. Write q = 1−p
for the constant probability of F.
3. The trials are independent.

Mean and Variance of Bernoulli distribution.

The mean for a random variable, X, from a Bernoulli distribution is:
Mean = E(X) = p
The variance of a Bernoulli random variable is:
Var(X) = p(1 – p)

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