Online Learning Director: Education, Salary, and Outlook

Digital learning encompasses a wide field, from bachelor’s degrees to proprietary training classes offered entirely online. Online learning directors participate in every aspect of digital learning from choosing the right technology to helping academic directors design accessible coursework. An online learning director might work with the registrar’s office to enroll new students, the office of student affairs for streamlining admissions and academic programs, the math department to develop new online courses, and HR to help train new faculty members in online course delivery.

As higher education continues to serve a growing population of recent high school graduates, professional opportunities also expand. More learners take a combination of in-class and online courses than ever before, making delivering high-quality content via digital channels an important task for the modern university. To meet that challenge, chief educational officers often turn to online learning directors for course design, streamlined user interfaces, and the right suite of technologies to support the move to e-learning. Positive job growth and an average salary above $83,000 per year make these jobs highly competitive.

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