MGMT623 Assignment 2 Fall 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

MGMT623 Assignment 2 Fall 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

Assignment # 02 Course Code: MGMT623
Management Skills

Marks: 10         Due Date: February 09, 2023

Margaret is one of the leading education consultant firms in Pakistan. The organization is  divided into different working teams depending on the area of specialization. Each team works under a team lead responsible for looking after basic team chores and works as a communication bridge between higher management and team members. One of the team leaders is Miss. Angelina, who is appointed by the management to look after a specific section. But she lacks time management skills and used to do things haphazardly that always keeps the sense of urgency in the team. Several team members think that she does not have the proper skill-set to be the team lead. Due to her mismanagement, several emergencies have been created that lead to conflict or non-acceptance. Instead of overcoming the drawbacks, she sometimes behaves nasty to hide such negligence that further de-motivates the employees. Because of this nature, team members always fear missing out something important, being trapped, hopeless and unhappy. They exhibit aggression, neglecting duties, absenteeism, and lack of creativity in work. As a result, the team fails to produce a high standard that ultimately leads to the loss of the organization in terms of time, money and resources.

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Q1) Dr. Karl Albrecht has identified four sources of stress, Time Stressors, Encounter Stressors, Situational Stressors and Anticipatory Stressors. Based on information as mentioned above, identify two stressors with logical statements that Miss Angelina creates. (05 Marks)

Q2) Provide suggestions to Miss. Angelina and team members to get these stressors eliminated. (05 Marks)


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MGMT623 Assignmnet

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