International moot: Academic research ‘must focus on real issues’

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ISLAMABAD: Speakers at two-day International debatable on science held at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) called for directing scholarly examination that assists with tending to and resolve financial issues of the nation.

While hidden the need of advancing multi-disciplinary examination, they underlined that the Universities must come back to the general public that spends immense money related assets on their turn of events.

online universities in usa > College Scholarships > Scholarship Application Strategies > Apply for Scholarships

The occasion was partaken by some outside representatives just as specialists and academicians from 43 colleges just as other applicable offices from the nation over.

Keynote speakers were from China, Australia and Germany. Opening meeting was tended to among others by the acting Vice Chancellor AIOU Prof Dr Nasir Mahmood, Dean Sciences Dr Syed Zafar Ilyas, Chemistry Department Chairman Dr Naghmana Rashid and the gathering’s convener Dr Nasima Arshad.

online universities in usa > College Scholarships > Scholarship Application Strategies > Apply for Scholarships

The gathering was sorted out by the AIOU Faculty of Chemistry as a team with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It was planned for giving a stage to learning and sharing thoughts on new patterns of multidisciplinary research, and to improve joint effort at national and universal level to address new difficulties in the logical field.

Nasir Mahmood in his debut address said thanks to the HEC for its predictable help in advancing examination culture in the nation. Such occasions, he said helped the University to make its positive commitment in tending to the financial issues of the general public.

He stated that the Universities are expected to satisfy their social duty to serve the general public through their examination based scholarly information.

The AIOU in the ongoing years, distributed eighteen exploration diaries, pertinent to the general public and held various national and universal meetings to accomplish the ideal goals.

Nasir Mahmood likewise informed the members about the University’s predictable endeavors of giving quality instruction to all portions of the general public, especially the underestimated areas including detainees, crippled people, drop-out young ladies and transgender gathering.

Other than this, they are sans giving Matric training to the understudies from Baluchistan and innate regions. Various grants were presented which are being subsidized by the University.

The AIOU, he included has developed as a main instructive establishment in the nation in term of examination, giving scholastic sources of info and creative plans to the end-clients.

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