How TO Submit Your Complaints About AIOU Admission Confirmation

How TO Submit Your Complaints About AIOU Admission Confirmation

Hi to All Students from aiou assignment today we will talk about aiou admission confirmation. i you applied for addmision and you don’t receive any information sms from aiou about addmision confirmation. THen how you can appeal for any complaint. aiou need 35 days to confirm admissions after 35 days if you don’t havy any confirmation about aiou admisions. then you have rights to complaint according to aiou method.
today we will tell you about the method of aiou addmison complaints. First of all you have your bank challan pic which you can take from you mobile. Now you are ready to complaint aiou. now we are foing to apply for complaint.
here is the link for complaint aiou confirmation.
goto aiou website
click on submit your ticket or complaint button and submit your bank challan.
this process takes 2-3 days here is your ticket where you can see your details about the addmission confirmation.

AIOU Admission Confirmation
AIOU Admission Confirmation

AIOU Admision Confirmation Complaint Method

Step 1: You Have to Put your CNIC Name.
Step 2: Write your email and confirm your email again.
Step 3: Select Catagory ” Admission Confirmation”
Step 4: Select priority as ” High ”
Step 5: Write your mobile no without dash.
step 6: write you aiou roll no. if your don’t have then type 0000.
Step 7: Wtrie you Registration No.
Step 8: Select You Study Program.
Step 9: Select You City.
Step 10: write you Course Code.
Step 11: Write your Challan OR draft No which is writen on bank challan.
Step 12: Now you have to write your center name as your city name.
Step 13: Select you semeter.
Step 14: Write Your Father name.
Step 15: Your Subject about ticket as “Admission not confirmed”
Step 16: NOw write about you complaint in your oown words.
Step 17: go down and choose file and attach you bank challan.
Step 18: Fill Capcha, And now Submit your ticket and after 2-3 days you can check back there your complaints.
Thanks for Reading share it with aiou family and help others.

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