Experts suggest devising national policy for teenagers

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There is a need to assemble a national approach on youth care, with a specific spotlight on improving youngsters, while outlining a guide to carry the kids into the standard for national turn of events.

This was proposed in a bundle of proposals introduced toward the finish of the two-day national meeting on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) at the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in Islamabad.

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This was the second gathering on ECCE, mutually organized by the Ministry of Education, AIOU, Rupani Foundation and other partners including UNICEF, Plan universal, UNESCO and Open Society Foundations.

The bundle was revealed at the finishing up meeting of the gathering.

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In the bundle, it was suggested that the new arrangement ought to be founded on a social constructivist approach which advocates the utilization of transformative teaching methods. It was stressed that consistency in the nature of ECCE must be kept up over all areas.

The national strategy, it was recommended, must guarantee equivalent chances to keep up equality by sexual orientation, district, and some other and there ought to be one stage for coordination among various offices to improve ECCE

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Different proposals incorporate kid wellbeing and assurance in schools, ECCE focuses and the general public all in all.

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It was affirmed that parental Education ought to be made compulsory and bundles for guardians ought to be created by Early youth improvement’s specialists and offered no matter how you look at it. It was recommended that moral norms ought to likewise be made a piece of the ECCE educational plan.

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AIOU’s Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Shahid Siddiqui, who managed the end meeting, reported that they will dispatch a nation wide battle to make mindfulness about the day to day environments of adolescents. In this respects, gatherings and workshops will be organized to advance the network’s association in accomplishing the assignment.

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He included they had effectively achieved the errand given to them including the setting up a greatness place on ECCE, propelling of a diary, presentation of BS four-year degree and post-graduate certificate on ECCE.

Service of Education Joint Educational Adviser Prof Rafiq Tahir introduced a lot of proposals which for the most part centers around the definition of a national arrangement on ECCE. Prof Tahir accentuated that the approach ought to have legitimate sponsorship of the parliament.

Rupani Foundation Chairman Nasruddin Rupani guaranteed his help in actualizing the proposed guide.

It was concluded that a universal gathering on the issue will be met one year from now to design a last shape to the ECCE execution plan.

While initiating the occasion, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Muhammad Balighur Rehman had made the responsibility that the legislature will attempt to arrive at each kid for their appropriate sustaining to accomplish a definitive objective of setting up a prosperous and solid society.

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