ENG517 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG517 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG517 GDB Spring 2023 Solution idea:

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Q. Write a   brief   note   describing   the   benefits   of   technology integration in the advancement of ELT process in Pakistan.

Technology is very much part of language learning throughout the world at all different levels. We are as likely to find it in the primary sector as much as in adult education. introducing technology into your classroom will provide new ways to strengthen peer-to-peer and student- teacher relationships, as well as foster a supportive learning environment for students. Use classroom emails to connect students for tutoring/homework help and mentor-ship and to give students a means to contact you for assistance with lessons/homework and feedback. Create surveys through Google Forms to allow feedback from students on lessons and review your teaching strategies. Utilize Teacher’s Chat function to give real-time support and guidance to students who are off-task or who seem to be struggling with a lesson.

Educational technology can be used to design lessons that allow for a more thorough absorption of knowledge and improved learning outcomes. Engage students in Web-quests and other inquiry-based learning that empowers students to research independently, construct questions, find answers,, and problem-solve to gain an understanding of a subject or concept. Use the Screen View function of Teacher to ensure students remain on task and have students send a message through the chat function at the end of class explaining what they learned today to ensure they are comprehending and retaining lessons. Teachers can use Scenes to design a template of websites and pages that students are granted access to during a given lesson. This can be useful for test taking, in that you can guarantee students remain on task and prevent cheating by only allowing access to the testing page. However, it can also be useful in allowing students  to work on a lesson at their own pace and in their own way, by providing them with an assortment of pre-selected articles, websites, videos, and activities to utilize to complete an assignment.

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