Department Of Hadith & Hadith Sciences

Department of Islamic Studies was established in 1997 and renamed as Department of Hadith & Seerah, & after the establishment of Seerah Studies as a separate department and the Department of Hadith & Hadith Sciences performing its services as a separate department.

The Department of Hadith & Hadith Sciences focuses on the study of Hadith and Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W) their collections, preservation, authentication and their interpretation as a source of knowledge & guidance for man’s spiritual & moral need as an individual in society. It intends to enable students to work diligently and function benevolently in all avenues of life. The Department of Hadith & Hadith Sciences is committed to restore the full meaning of education by offering an opportunity to study comprehensively and critically and to train students to develop the strong nation with Islamic values and ethics. The department is preparing and offering different programs for specialization in Hadith & Hadith Sciences to its students.

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