Department Of Arabic Language & Literature

The Department of Arabic Language & Literature is one of the pioneer departments of the University. It was created right after the establishment of Allama Iqbal Open Univeristy in 1974.

The Department of Arabic Language & Literature is the pioneer department which has been teaching by radio & television programmes since 1975. Arabic Department & AIOu was introduced by Pakistani masses by its very first effort & most popular programme named: العربی سھل. It was making its broadcasting & non broadcasting programmes from 1975 to year 2000.Decades have passed & presently it is running several programs i.e; MPhil in Arabic Language and Literature, Masters in Arabic Language and Literature, Lughat-ul-Quraan, ATTC and B.Ed. in Arabic, as well as Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor’s level Arabic Courses are introduced by the department Since 1974. AIOU has credit of launching Arabic Teachers Training Programme (ATTC)in 1882, which is the pioneer programme of Pakistan in Teaching Arabic Language. However, BS (4 years) and other Arabic learning programs have also been launched from Autumn 2019. The courses of MA Arabic were also designed before with an emphasis on Arabic language & literature, social and economic thoughts along with religious education. Research in Arabic language and literature is a regular feature of the Department since 2012. MPhil program in Arabic language and literature has also been started since 2012 to produce scholars and researchers in Arabic literature. The department is offering a wide range of courses in Arabic language from Matric to MA,  ATTC, SHORT ARABIC Courses and MPhil Level.

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