CS601 GDB 1 SPRING FALL 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

CS601 GDB 1 SPRING FALL 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

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GDB of CS601 is announced on VULMS. GDB will be opened for two days i.e. 12th August 2023 (Thursday) and 13th August 2023 (Friday) to submit your answers / responses. Submit your answers on mentioned dates as no GDB would be accepted via email. GDB scenario is provided below:


GDB Scenario


During the data transmission there are chances that the data bits in the frame might get corrupted. This will require the sender to re-transmit the frame and hence it will increase the re-transmission overhead. By considering the scenarios given below, you have to choose whether the packets should be encapsulated in a single frame or multiple frames in order to minimize the re-transmission overhead.


Justify your answer with one valid reason for both the scenarios given below:


Scenario A: Suppose you are using a network which is very prone to errors.


Scenario B: Suppose you are using a network with high reliability and accuracy.




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