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    A university wants a management system that must have the ability to enroll over 50,000 students in a semester. The university needs an application developed that fulfill the following requirements.

    Insertion of student’s information including entry test marks and previous academic records.
    The insertion of information should be efficient and quick.
    After insertion of required data, the merit will be populated on the basis of previous academic grades and entry test marks.
    Application will generate and display a merit list in descending order by total obtained marks.
    The student with highest marks will be at the top of the list and lowest marks achiever will be at the bottom.
    In the admission process the most frequent process is the searching for information about students. So, this is very important requirement should also be considered and implemented efficiently.

    Assume you are working as an analyst for a software development company named XYZ.inc. The task assigned to you is to analyze the BST (Binary Search Tree) and Heap data structures and decide which data structure should be used to develop the requirement application. Clearly mention which data structure you are selecting and justify your selection with valid comments.

    Note: You are allowed to introduce new algorithm or propose any changes in existing algorithms associated with BST and Heap data structures. If you are suggesting any changes in the algorithms or introducing a new algorithm then clearly mention the changes or new introduction with reasons.


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