BT403 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

BT403 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

BT403 Assignment 2 Spring 2023

BT403 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 solution idea:


Assignment No. 2

Agriculture Biotechnology (BT 403) Spring 2023


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What are herbicides? Mention its main types and explain the effects of herbicides on humans, animals and plants? What are the important herbicides used worldwide?

A herbicide can be defined as the chemical which is used to kill the unwanted plant which is usually affects the plants growth. Selective herbicides kill certain targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed.

There are five major types of herbicides:

  1. Broad spectrum: This type of herbicide which is used for all kinds of
  2. Selective spectrum: This type is work in a narrow range herbicide which is usually used against specific type of
  3. Contact: This type is destroyed plant tissue at or near the point of contact and require even coverage in their
  4. Systemic: This type is move through the plant’s circulation system and can be injected into the plant
  5. Residual: This type can be applied to the soil and destroy by root uptake. They remain active in the ground for a certain length of time and it can control germinating


Effects of Herbicides:

Glyphosate-based herbicides, such as the well-known “Roundup,” can cause DNA damages and act as endocrine disruptors in human cell lines and in rat testicular cells, cause damages to cultured human cutaneous cells, and promote cell death in the testicular cells of experimental animals There is evidence also for their possible ability to affect cytoskeleton and intracellular transport.

EFFECT OF HERBICIDES ON PLANT DISEASES: Although pesticides are applied to plants and soils to control plant parasites and weeds, they may also affect soil properties, microorganisms, and hosts. These effects normally have little influence on plant growth.

For instance, herbicides may reduce food, cover, it nesting sites needed by insect, bird, and mammal populations; insecticides may diminish insect populations fed on by bird or fish species; insect pollinators may be reduced, thereby affecting plant pollination.

Importance of Herbicides:

The characteristics which make weedy plants undesirable are well known. Weeds compete directly with desirable plants for water, fertilizer, and space. In addition, and of importance to plantsmen, they detract from the beauty of an ornamental planting. No one likes to see weeds obscuring the symmetry of a well-designed planting. Also, weeds are dangerous to health. Either directly as with poison ivy and the ragweed’s, or indirectly as when weeds hide stop signs, guard rails, and bridge abutments.

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