BT302 GDB Fall 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

BT302 GDB Fall 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

BT302 GDB Fall 2023 Solution idea:

Topic of discussion: The Impact of childhood immunization


Immunity is probably the best element that can guarantee good resistance against disease. It keeps the harmful microorganisms away from the human body. Certainly, it is the most important factor which fights for our body to maintain normality. There are two types of immune systems: innate and adaptive. Adaptive immunity can be polished and our childhood has major effect on it. Proper vaccination and diet can make it strong against most disease. If it is neglected in childhood it makes the survival of the human very difficult. Various Viruses and bacteria that are known to us have the vaccination for it. These vaccines make the immune system strong enough to fight against it. In the early times of life, our body adapts to different things and it is necessary to make the body ready for the fights against germs in future. We come across many kinds of viruses and bacteria’s that can disturb our normal body functionality. Vaccination forms that resistance against these deadly microbes and this have to be done from childhood. There are many vitamins and chemicals like that which can be used to boost the immunity but everything depends on how your immunity was built in the childhood. This immunity is adaptive and it comes with time. Having a strong immune system can depend on our daily diet and also on our physical activities. However, Literacy also plays its role in immunity. There is a fact that education also plays its role in childhood immunity. If the parents of child are educated it is more likely that the child will have good vaccination and have good immunity.


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