AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 308 Autumn & Spring 2023

Aiou Solved Assignments code 308 Autumn & Spring 2023 assignments 1 and 2  Course: Fa General Science (308) spring 2023. aiou past papers.

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 308 Autumn & Spring 2023

Course:  General Science (308) 
Semester: Autumn & Spring 2023
Level: FA
Assignment No.1 

Luck 3 will be possible. 3-3 will be 03 7 7 7
You will be able to get Adobe Flash player in the next 2 years.
Live 9302
From the gym
This is a part of the Partnership Award.

Sprinkler Exports from 2 to 6th)
This is 2 R41, which is the case of Leara Ah Madhda Sharh al-Qaida
EO Do not go to your mother or mother or mother, why do you have sex with your children? I’m sorry
There is 2 episode Llama
Do you have a wall that sells the situation, and the test should be done in case of gasoline and now it should be absorbed.

Q3 Mission:: Take the lead “
2 + 7 of this important event for the purpose of the workshop. ‘For the funeral ceremony of the community, you have to buy items for me and take care of you.
5 rupees (payable 5 t))
Search is heis. 1: Puppy to a person 6
“4 It shows that the one-year-old girl who had been released from the Red River, had a lot of money from the villa.

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