Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 8607 Spring 2023

Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 8607 Spring 2023

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This course is a supervised experience in working with children in a classroom setting.
Observation and evaluation of classroom experiences, learning environment and
classroom management will be emphasized to develop observational skill of prospective
teachers. The prospective teachers will be evaluated by the mentor teacher in the
classroom, as well as in school. This course will require 42 hours in a practicum
site/school. The practicum site and mentor teacher must be approved by the department at
least 4 weeks prior to starting the practicum experience.
Course Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, the trainee teachers will be able to:
• Observe and evaluate classroom experiences.
• Make observation of school activities/classroom observation
• Write anecdotal record
• Make observation checklist
• Prepare field notes
• Prepare observation report
TEACHING PRACTICE I (3 Credit hours)
This segment consists of:
i. Workshop (three days)
ii. School visits/internship (Two weeks)
iii. Field notes & 2 Observation reports
i. Workshop (Three Days)
A three days workshop is a mandatory part of teaching practice I. Workshop will be conducted
before field observation in the school/classroom. The workshop includes components
Purpose of school visits
Ethics of the activity/internship
Pre-observation guide
Observation checklist
Techniques for observation in school
observation in school classroom
Preparing field notes
Some Practical issues of teaching/learning/school & classroom management
ii. School visits/Internship:
Two weeks internship in a school (3 hours/day) is mandatory for each trainee teacher.
This is a field based experience. This offers the opportunities for trainee teacher to work
in a professional setting related to their specialization courses. This component has
practical application but it also have intellectual content. The trainee teacher will arrange
this component with the support of regional offices of AIOU. The trainee teacher will be

Free AIOU Solved Assignment 1 Code 8607 Spring 2023

supervised by some teacher (mentor) in the school. It will be the responsibility of the
trainee teacher taking consent from a teacher to serve as his/her mentor.
iii. Field notes & 2 Observation reports
The trainee teacher will observe the lessons taught by a teacher in the classroom for
observing teacher-student interaction and flow of the lesson in the class. Sample
observations are given in the appendix. The trainee teacher will keep a written record of
classroom observation in his/her professional portfolio.
The trainee teacher will observe different aspect/activities of school/classroom. It may
include school observation, teacher observation, student observation, observation in
library/laboratory/school assembly, school leadership, professional climate, instructional
practices, observing different types of records, observation of physical resources,
classroom environment/teaching aids etc.
Each day, the trainee teacher will record reflective notes about his/her observation in the
note book provided with manual. Reflection involves paying attention and thinking about
an action/event. Reflective journal is a written record of daily reflection written by the
trainee teacher to:
™ Think and learn from past
™ Assessing what I am now
™ Improving present and future on the basis of lessons learnt from reflection
Daily reflections may include one or all of the following activities in the
¾ Observation by the trainee teacher
¾ Activities which were run by the trainee teacher
¾ Achievements of the trainee teacher in the school
¾ Areas in which trainee teacher needs to do learn more
¾ Areas in which trainee teacher needs help from supervisor/cooperating teacher
¾ Major goal (target) of trainee teacher in future during teaching practicum
A sample of reflective journal is given in appendix. While writing a reflective journal, a
prospective teacher may ask following questions from himself/herself:
• What had happened today?
• Why had it happened so?
• What were my feelings during that experience/event? Why did I feel that way?
• What were my thoughts during that experience/event? Why did I think that way?
• What can be done in future to avoid/improve it?
• What accomplishment did I want to achieve today?
• What accomplishment did I want to achieve today but I could not?
• What was the reason behind my failure to reach today’s goal? What can be done in
future to avoid this failure?
• What did I set out to teach today? Was I able to accomplish your goals?

Free AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 8607 Spring 2023

• What teaching materials did I use? How effective they were?
• What kind of teacher-student interaction occurred during the class? How can it be
made more effective in future?
• Did I deliver my lesson smoothly today?
• What problems did I face today during teaching? How it can be solved?
• Which parts of the lesson were more successful during teaching? What was the
reason behind its success?
• Would I teach in the same way if I had to teach the topic again?
He/she will then submit it to the mentor for comments. Each trainee teacher will also
prepare two observation reports as per guidelines for onward submission to the
department for evaluation through respective regional office.
The student will submit a certificate of teaching practice dully signed by the concerned
school principal/Head. The prospective teacher will also submit field notes with comments
of the mentor along with two observation reports on observations sheets provided in the

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 8607 Spring 2023


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