AIOU SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2 CODE 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023. Solved Assignments code 1424 Compulsory English 2023. Allama iqbal open university old papers.

Solved Assignment Bachelor English dorado manana
Code 1424
Compulsory English – I (1424)
Level: Bachelor
Semester: Autumn & Spring 2023
Assignment No. 2

(Unit 5-9)

Q.1 In Unit 5, you have learnt about two language functions i.e. Expressing Certainty and Expressing Obligation. Write 5 example sentences for each category of functions. (10)

Expressing Certainty Expressing Obligation 1) Aslam will go to school 2) Noor will not come today. 3) He goes to school. 4) I will not eat that type of food ever. 5) We will go to school tomorrow.

1) I have to finish my work before this evening. 2) I have got to learn English if I want to live in the USA 3) I must see the doctor soon because I don’t feel well. 4) it is obligatory that I stop when the traffic light turn red. 5) It is necessary that I take a taxi. I’m late.

Aiou Solved Assignment 2 Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Q.2 In Unit 5, Section D of your text book you have learnt how to write Job Application Letters. Given below is a job advertisement. Suppose you intend to apply for this job, how would you write a job application? Follow the format and the rules given in Unit 5. (10)

125-Wahadt Colony,

Wahdat Road



October 15, 2014.

RanaManzoor Ahmed Khan

Cantonment Executive Officer & Secretary

Lansdowne Trust


Dear Sir,

I come to know about the vacancy of Librarian in your reputed institution through some reliable sources. It would be a pleasure for me to get a chance for providing my services to this worthy institution as I have experience and qualification relevant to your requirements.

I have done my Bachelors in Library Science (BLS) from Allama Iqbal Open University in the first division. I joined ICAP City Library afterwards, as a librarian. I handle all the tasks as supervisor and able to operate E-Library system. I have working experience of three years there. Recently, I have applied in (MLS) privately along with my job.

I am seeking for a good opportunity ahead. To work with you will pleasing for me. I am capable of adjusting to every ambiance. I have enclosed my Resume and Curriculum Vitae for further details. My eligibility will be an asset to you. I would be obliged to get a chance for further discussion with you.

I am looking forward to hearing well.

Yours sincerely,


AIOU Solved Assignment Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Q3. What are your Preferences or Choices between different things given in the box below? First make a choice and then write a preference sentence similar to the one given in the example. Use adifferent expression each time. Read Unit 6, Seciton A for help. (10)

1. Colas or Fresh juices I would like to have fresh juice instead of cola.
2. Pasta or Vegetable I think I shall prefer pasta than vegetable.
3. Sandwich or Burger I would rather prefer Sandwich than burger.
4. Sweater or Jacket My preference will be a jacket rather than the sweater.
5. Blanket or Quilt I would like to have a blanket, not quilt.
6. Sofa or Chair I shall prefer sofa over a chair.
7. Pulses or Beans My first pr iority shall be beans, not the pulses.
8. City life or Village life Village life is better as compared to the city life.
9. Science or Arts I would prefer arts than science.
10. Indoor sport or Outdoor games I shall prefer outdoor games rather than indoor games.

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Compulsory English – I (1424) Autumn & Spring 2023

Q4. In Unit 6, Section B of your textbook you have learnt the differences between Will and Going to show intentions and plans Selectthe correct answer. (10)

Example: He tried many times. Didn’t he?

1. Shah will be 15 next Wednesday. 2. They are going to get a new computer. 3. I think my mother will like this dress. 4. Anila’s sister is going to have a baby. 5. They will arrive at about 4 in the afternoon. 6. Just a moment, I will help with the bags. 7. In 2023 people will buy more hybird cars. 8. Hammad is going to throw a party next week. 9. We are going to fly to Maree in June. 10. Look at the clouds! It is going to rain soon.

Compulsory English – I (1424) AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023

Q5. Unit 7, Section A of your text book taught you how to ask for/give/refuse permission. Read the Example then write approriate expression two each one for giving permission and one for refusing permission.

Example. Can I take your car to work tomorrow?

i. You can take the small care if you like. (Giving Permission)

ii. Well not really, I have to go as well tomorrow. (Refusing Permission)

1 Can I borrow you pen? Ans Giving permission: Yeah sure, take it. Refusing permission: Sorry but I can’t give it to you because I am using it.
2 could I use your phone, Please? Ans Giving permission: You can use the phone. Refusing permission: I am sorry, my phone battery is die.
3 Is it ok if I use your computer for a minute? Ans Giving permission: Yeah sure, if it is necessary. Refusing permission: Sorry my computer is out of order.
4 Would it be ok if I leave a little early? Ans Giving permission: Yes you can, I shall manage the things. Refusing permission: No, I cannot manage the things without you.
5 Would you mind if I smoke? Ans Giving permission: I don’t mind. You can. Refusing permission: You couldn’t do that. because smoking is not allowed in this area.
6 Do you want me to turn of the television? Ans Giving permission: Please feel free. Refusing permission: No, you cannot. I am watching.
7 Can I take another bite of your delicious apple pie? Ans Giving permission: Obviously, you can take another bite. Refusing permission: I am sorry, the apple pie has been finished.
8 I wonder if I could borrow 20000 Rs? Ans Giving permission: Why not? You are my best friend. Refusing permission: I am afraid I have none money nowadays.
9 I wonder if you’d mind taking a picture of me? Ans Giving permission: oh sure. I would love to help you. Refusing permission: I am afraid but I am busy.
10 Would you exchange your duty with me? Ans Giving permission: Yeah sure, i f it is necessary Refusing permission: Sorry, I am quite comfortable with it.

AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Compulsory English – I (1424) Autumn & Spring 2023

Q6. Arrange the sequence of words in the following sentences. Read Unit 7, Section B for guidance. (05) 1 People are Spanish friendly. Ans Spanish are friendly people.

2 I was when couldn’t young drive I. Ans I couldn’t drive when I was young.

3 Traveled my friends year last I with Ans I traveled last year with my friends

4 Reading like I books poetry. Ans I like reading poetry books.

5 With to Party will go the she me? Ans She will go with me to the party.

Q.7 In Unit 8, Section A, you have learnt how to express Appreciation or Gratitude. God has gifted us with many blessings. How would you express your gratitude for the following blessings? Use a diferent expression for each. Follow the example.

Example Springs Flowers

Appreciation: I am extremely grateful to God for the beauty of nature.

1. Eyes Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to another beautiful day. 2 Mother I am really thankful to God that He blessed me with a loving Mother. 3. Fruits Thank you God for Yummy Fruits and Vegetables. 4 Trees I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees. 5. Water Thank God We’re Surrounded by water.

Q.8 Change the following sentences that are in direct speech into indirect speech. Remember to make appropriate changes in pronouns and tenses. Read Unit 8 for guidance. (10)

Two businessmen, Shah and Ahmed, are at a lunch meeting. They are waiting for their co-worker, Ishaq, who is late. “We will wait for Ishaq before we start,” says Shah. “Is he here yet?” “No, heis on his way,” replies Ahmed. “Yes, he said he left the office 30 minutes ago,” says Shah. “He is going to arrive.” “Traffic may be bad, because it usually doesn’t take this long,” Ahmed says. Shah looks at his watch. “He will be feeling badly about being late,” he says. “I know he hates to be kept waiting, so he doesn’t like to do it to other people.” “Oh, that’s all right! We we’re getting impatient for no reason; don’t you think?” Ahmed smiles. “Remember his rule: the one who is late must buy lunch!”


Two businessmen, Shah and Ahmed, are at a lunch meeting. They are waiting for their co-worker, Ishaq, who is late.

“We should wait for Ishaq before we start,” says Shah. “Is he here yet?”

Shah said that they should wait for Ishaq before starting and asked if he was there at that time.

“No. he must be on his way,” replies Ahmed.

Ahmed replied that he must be on his way.

“Yes, he said he left office 30 minutes ago,” says Shah. “He might be about to arrive.”

Shah said that he told that he has left 30 minutes past and he might be about to arrive.

“Traffic may be bad, because it usually doesn’t take this long, Ahmed says.

Ahmed said that traffic must be bad because it usually doesn’t take this long.

Shah looks at his watch, “He must feel badly about being late,” he says. “I know he hates to be kept waiting, so he doesn’t like to do it to other people.”

Shah looking at his watch told that he must feel badly about being late and also said that he knows that he hates to be kept waiting, so he doesn’t like to do it to other people.

“Oh, that’s all right! We shouldn’t get impatient; don’t you think?” Ahmed smiles.

“Remember his rule: the one who is late must buy lunch!”

Ahmed smiled and said that it is alright and they shouldn’t get impatient and remember his rule: the one who is late must buy lunch.


Q.9 In Unit 9, recorded text 45, you have read and listen to the sotry of “The gifts of Wali Dad”. Answer the following questions based on the story: (10)

1. Describe the place where Wali Dad lives.

Ans. He lived in a mud hut far from town.

2. Do you think Wali Dad loved the princess?

Ans. Yes Wali Dad loved the princess.

3. Describe the character of ther Merchant?

Ans. The merchant was very clever, active and an opportunistic man.

4. Why did Wali Dad want to leave his hut at the end of the story?

Ans. Because he was happy with himself as a grass cutter.

5. What is the moral of the story?

Ans. Humanity is above than all.


Q.10 In Unit 9 of your textbook, you have learnt what Narrative. Writing is Write narrative essay on the following topic. A time that you learned something ew that changed ou in some way.


You hear people tell you about how some significant event or person in their lives came along and changed everything. You hear of some fantastic revelation some day up on the mountain, or a close encounter with nature, even a brush with some insane disaster, bringing the person onto the doorstep of death. Most people quote extraordinary event that is very unique to them and hear about how that something have come to have a great impact on their lives, changing the very manner in which they view life and perceive it. You might not find my story to be anything spectacular, but for me, it has been the one most singularly amazing event of my life. It was the day that I met my husband. He came into my life and affected me in so many ways and for which I really do not have words to describe. Yet, I will try my best to portray how his coming into my life completely changed me and gave me a whole new world to look at.

One of the things that I noticed immediately when I met my husband was how safe and secure he made me feel. I remember meeting him that very first day and realizing how good I felt just being with him. It was as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I suddenly felt free and relaxed, as if I had to worry about nothing in life ever again. He would be very supportive of my ideas and my decisions and would encourage me to go ahead and do what I wanted the most. He provided me with the background support that I had always needed to further to my plans but had felt so insecure before. He had a knack of making me laugh and feel good about myself and whatever was going on at that time. Aside from making me feel emotionally stable, safe, and secure, he also made me feel very secure financially. He made it look so easy, as if I would never have to worry about money ever again. He made me feel that I could trust him with no matter what. This is perhaps the reason that I married him in the first place, because of how he good he made me feel about myself: very safe, secure, and sound.

My husband taught me so many things that have impacted me and changed the way I think and feel. He was the first person who I truly fell in love with and I can safely say that it is from him that I have learned to love unconditionally. He taught me that love transcends all physical boundaries and is there to be felt and enjoyed with between two people. He taught me how to be patient in my life and to wait for good things to come to me, rather than stressing after them and never finding them. Before I met him, I had always been afraid to follow my dreams. But he came into my life and made me feel so strong and confident, and he taught me to follow my dreams to the fullest. He has always been very supportive of me since then and he has truly taught me to be a better person in life.

If someone was to ask me what having a true companion in life is like, I would tell them that it was being married to my husband. He has shown me the true meaning of what marriage is all about. He is always trying to involve me into his life and with us it is always ‘us’ and never ‘you’ or ‘I’. he is always willing to do fun projects and things together, and we are always looking to go to new, fun, and exciting places to spend our time together. Most importantly, my husband has been extremely faithful and honest with me over the years and I have truly come to respect him for whatever he has done for me.

All in all, I think that meeting my husband is the one event that has definitely affected and changed me and the way that I look and perceive life. I have learnt so many things from him and he has been able to give me a completely new outlook towards life. I am a much happier, wiser, safer, and more confident person after meeting him. I am glad that I met him and I would want to keep on meeting him in all of my future lifetimes.

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