AIOU is on way to digitalisation: Dr Saqib Riaz

Islamabad :Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is on the super roadway of digitalisation. Bad habit Chancellor Dr. Zia-ul-Qayyum endeavors to digitalise the countries’ biggest college in term of enlistment is large accomplishment, said Dr. Saqib Riaz, Chairman, Mass Communication Department of the AIOU.

Dr. Saqib Riaz while giving a meeting to ‘The News’ said that digitalising such a major college was a gigantic test, however in spite of obstacles VC Dr. Zia’s vision and devotion make it conceivable. He said that the digitalisation of AIOU will in the long run advantage 1.4 million understudies of the University the nation over. He advised that AIOU is bestowing instruction to the majority of Pakistan at a low and reasonable expense. The expense structure of this University is maybe the most reduced in the nation keeping in see the money related restrictions of the incredible greater part of a nation like Pakistan. Dr. Saqib told that AIOU is stretching out extraordinary support of the individuals of Pakistan through its system of 49 local grounds spread everywhere throughout the nation.

Dr. Saqib told that Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has propelled four-year up close and personal BS programs in various orders, keeping in see the market needs and the developing requests of the understudies. The courses of the BS programs have been created by the universal guidelines. He said that the BS-level projects would give understudies a chance to familiarize themselves with an inventive, various, and testing scholarly condition.

He said that the scholarly projects of the University have been intended to provide food the instructive needs of the individuals who because of some explanation couldn’t proceed with their training in the conventional colleges yet are profoundly energetic to improve their capability for rise to their activity.

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He included that the Mass Communication Department of the University is among the light carrier branches of the college and its alumni are serving in pretty much every media association of the nation. This office offers various projects from Bachelors to Masters, M.Phil and PhD programs. It gets an enormous number of affirmation frames each year however it awards admission to a predetermined number of understudies simply on merit premise. The division delivered an incredible number of media graduates during the most recent two decades and these individuals are serving in various media associations inside the nation and furthermore abroad. Numerous officials of the military related associations including ISPR have been moved on from this office and they are assuming their job in the inspire of the general public. An incredible number of educators and employees of other open and private area colleges got their M.Phil or PhD degrees from this division. The books distributed by this office are utilized as course books in numerous different colleges of the nation. He included that the commitment of the Mass Communication Department of AIOU in reinforcing media training in the nation has been wonderful.

Dr Saqib said that the University has presented new framework in the choice of coaches. Presently University is employing new guides however online framework for its 1.4 million understudies the nation over.

He said this is a significant activity taken by the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Zia-Ul-Qayyum, planned for overhauling proficient standard of instructing, to accomplish the specified objective of the quality training.

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Dr Saqib Riaz, the University carefully holds fast to recommended merit-measures according to the mandates of the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Zia-Ul-Qayyum to guarantee nature of instruction.

He told that Professor Dr. Zia-Ul-Qayyum, bad habit chancellor, Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has been chosen as First President of COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) which is a significant privilege for the University.

The CINVU is a discussion of 57 Islamic nations Open and Distance Learning or Virtual Learning Universities Network. It was built up in 2011 as a self-governing, non-political, non-benefit association with a worldwide methodology, working with the help of COMSTECH.

Dr Saqib told that there are standing directions from the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Zia-Ul-Qayyum that no resident of the nation ought to be left without training attributable to budgetary explanation. He told that the quantity of recipients having expense concession under the University’s grant plans was 20,466 in the money related year of 2019-20, that is a record in the historical backdrop of AIOU. In the comparing time frame, the quantity of recipients were 19, 226.

So as to suit most extreme number of meriting understudies in every scholarly semester, the measure of charge concession or expense waiver was the more than assigned spending plan in the monetary year 2019-20. There are ten grants plans of the University, under which the meriting understudies take advantage to proceed with their future investigation.

Dr. Saqib said that AIOU is additionally giving instruction to the underestimated networks of the general public to acquire them the national standard. For this reason charge has been totally deferred off for the transgender individuals and the detainees everywhere throughout the nation with the goal that these individuals can be helpful residents of the nation. Charge concession is likewise given to the understudies of the underestimated geographic regions of Pakistan.

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