ENG506 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG506 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG506 Assignment 2 Spring 2023

ENG506 Assignment 2 Spring 2023 Solution idea:




Linguistic imperialism by Robert Philipson

“The dominance asserted and maintained by the established and continuous reconstitution of structural and culture inequalities between English and other languages .”

Implications of linguistic imperialism for the world

▪ English replaces and ‘displaces’ other languages, in both core and periphery countries by taking over serious domains as education or government

▪ Education forces foreign languages and culture values onto people

▪ Replacing of vernacular languages alters the structure of social and cultural life

▪ Role of media in privileging English

▪ Support from United Nations Resolutions on linguistic human rights and preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity

▪ Threat to minority languages equated with disturbing the bio-diversity of the planet Also enlist three paradox of linguistic imperialism.

▪ Linguistic imperialism as an outdated concept

▪ English as a tool empowerment and emancipation Widespread demand for more access to English

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