ENG501 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG501 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG501 GDB Spring 2023 solution idea:


Q. Which variety of English do you prefer to speak: American English or British English? State your reason for liking either of them?

America is known around the world as the land of opportunity. It is a land built by immigrants that have prospered through hard work and determination. It is also the largest economy in the world, greatly eclipsing other nations. If you come to this country and put your mind to it, there isn’t anything that isn’t possible.

Learning American English gives you an even greater chance of success. Being able to freely communicate with anyone will get you chances that you might not have ever thought possible. Knowing English and how to speak it with proper pronunciation can help you meet new people and build lasting relationships with your new neighbors and co-workers. Acclimating to a new country or situation can be difficult. Having a support system around you is important. This is easier to accomplish if you are able to communicate with other people effectively.

The internet has changed the way the world communicates and learns. Anything that you could possibly want to know or learn about is a simple Google search away. The internet relies heavily upon the English language. Learning English will open up you up to new websites, allowing you to learn and experience new things. English will literally put the world at your fingertips.

Around 80% of academic papers and journals are written in English. If you plan on continuing your education, learning American English can not only help you do research but help you get your research published and read. Even if you aren’t in school, being able to read these papers and understand them can expand your knowledge on things that interest you and improve your quality of life in your new home.

While learning American English is important, equally important is learning the pronunciation. Studies have shown that even with knowledge of the language, confidence can be hard to come by due to having an accent.

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