SOC101 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

SOC101 GDB Spring 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

SOC101 GDB Spring 2023

Soc101 Gdb Solution 2023


 ‘The culture of poverty’ is a concept developed by sociologist Oscar Lewis in the 1960s in his best-selling books that take place in real family life among the urban poor. Drawing from Freudian culture and human theory, which dominated American anthropology in the latter part of World War II, Lewis listed more than 50 items that were distributed by about 20% of the poor, including ‘culture,’ ‘the most powerful modern position,’ and the greatest tolerance for mental illness. . ‘These things are said to be passed down from generation to generation and prevent people from taking advantage of economic opportunities. Aside from Lewis’s socialist democratic politics, his culture of poverty was associated with the moral decay of the unfortunate poor who was deeply rooted in popular American ideology. It has produced a remarkable response from social scientists who have criticized its allegations – the victim and the psychiatrist. Lewis himself was not concerned with this view, and he did not strongly believe that his ethnographic work had written a culture of poverty. Vituperative discussions during the 1970s and 1990s on whether a culture of poverty existed were not true. They tend to change into a time of politics to call or deny according to the existing experience of social suffering among persistent poor. The exploitation and misuse of the culture of poverty illustrates how research on social inequality reflects social stigma. They also show the inadequacy of the concept of culture when it is used to describe a group of people in an important, non-God-centered society that ignores history and the power of structure.

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