MGMT627 Assignment 1 Spring 2023

MGMT627 Assignment 1 Spring 2023

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A Pakistan based organization, Big Machines and Construction Co., provides quality building solution in managing projects in construction and heavy machinery. Currently, it is working on three different projects with different investments and revenue streams for 3, 4 and 5 years respectively. The first project is the installation of solar panels and is expected to complete in 3 years. In the second project, the company is required to provide crane installation and operations as a subcontractor of a mega project which would last for 4 years. In the third project, the company will work for a client to build a power plant including the installation of boilers and steam turbines, it will take 5 years to complete. Apparently, the crane project seems a good option to the company’s reputation in this area. But based on its past history, it expects at least 23% rate of return.


1. Considering the information provided above, which one should be the first priority for Big Machines and Construction Co.?
2. Should it fund any of the other projects in consideration? If so, what should be the order (of these 3 projects mentioned above) of priority based on return on investment? Please discuss.



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