ENG519 Assignment 1 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG519 Assignment 1 Spring 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

ENG519 Assignment 1 Spring 2023 Solution idea



Curriculum Design (Eng519)


Spring 2023

Assignment No. 1

Total Marks: 20

Lectures: 1-13



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Q1: Intrinsically motivated behaviors trigger “internally rewarding consequences” such as     the “feeling      of competence and self-determination”.      On      the      other    hand, extrinsically motivated activities lead to certain rewards such as diplomas, prizes and good marks. In your opinion, which approach is the most appropriate for students so that they can enhance motivation of learning. Write any five logical reasons.

(Marks 2*5=10)


The value of choosing intrinsic motivation over its extrinsic counterpart is clear, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. When it comes to the classroom, there are a few strategies that you can use to make sure your students are interested in your class material and ready to learn.

Elementary-aged children are highly motivated when their teachers prioritize content mastery and understanding over high test scores. Although tests can be a great way to measure student progress, try to focus on helping them understand the concepts they find difficult. As they spend more time learning, they will be better able to turn their weaknesses into strengths and gain an appreciation for learning that’s deeper than test scores.

Students are also more likely to be motivated if class material is relevant to their lives and involves their interests. The best way to make your curriculum relevant to your students is to get to know them. Spend time understanding their needs and what makes them light up in a classroom setting. And allow some flexibility in your assignments so students can spend some time focusing on what they personally find interesting.

Research also suggests that online learning can encourage intrinsic motivation. In part, this is because online learning often involves some level of independence— and independent learning is also linked to motivated students. Consider either making some of your curriculum online or including some independent learning activities, like reading or personal project time.

And finally, gamification can have an engaging place in the classroom if intrinsic motivation is prioritized. In a nutshell, gamification is the use of activities and rewards to teach different learning concepts. When an activity or reward is focused around intrinsic motivation—like giving a child a calculator as a prize for winning a math contest—student engagement improves.


Q2: Situation Analysis helps to develop a basis of understanding of the environment in which a plan is delivered. Read sufficiently about situation analysis and explain any of the five distinctive features that show how situation analysis can provide the best learning environment as compared to the other forms of analysis.

 (Marks 2*5=10)


Situation analysis is basically the process of critically evaluating the internal and external conditions that affect an organization, which is done prior to a new initiative or project. It provides the knowledge to identify the current opportunities and challenges to your organization, service or product. This in turn helps with devising a strategy to move forward from your current situation to your desired situation.

Distinctive features:

  • Helps define the nature and scope of a problem
  • Helps identify the current strategies and activities in place to overcome the problem
  • Helps understand the opinions and experiences of stakeholders
  • Helps give a comprehensive view of the current situation of the organization
  • Helps detect the gaps between the current state and desired state
  • Provides information necessary to create a plan to get to reach the goals
  • Helps identify the best courses of action to take during the project
  • Helps make sure that efforts and actions are not repeated and wasted unnecessarily

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