AIOU Solved Assignment Spring and Autumn 2021

AIOU Solved Assignment Spring and Autumn 2023

AIOU Solved Assignment Spring and Autumn 2023

AIOU solved assignment Spring and Autumn 2023, you will get here in our
platform. As Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the question books of
the assignment related to your degree level and subject. What you need to do is
that follow this website to get as much assignment marks as possible

AIOU Solved Assignment Spring and Autumn 2023

All AIOU solved assignment spring and Autumn 2023
matric can be downloaded easily with these simple steps respectively: –

Step 1: Go to our website by this link

Step 2:  You
will see a TAB named “AIOU” just move your mouse cursor on it and then the
sub-section would be visible having different sub menus, but you have to click
on “solved assignments”.

Step 3: You will see different degree level from
Matric to MA level, choose the assignment you want to download.

However, you can also directly jump to aiou
solved assignment page by these links:

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn 2023 Matric   

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn 2023 FA

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn  2023 BA

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn  2023 B.Ed 

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn  2023 Associate Degree   

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn  2023 BS Old   

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn  2023 MA    

AIOU Solved Assignments Spring / Autumn 2023 M.Ed    

Note: The format of all the assignments is PDF.

How to download AIOU assignment question
paper 2023?

To download AIOU assignment question
paper 2023, you will need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to AIOU’s official website by this link:

Step 2:  You
will see there would be different academic levels mentioned there so click upon
your actual degree level.

Step 3: There would be subjects listed there with
course codes, the last date modified along with its download option
for each of your subject.

Note: Once you finish downloading the question
assignment, you will need to solve it by the help of your books, or you may
take help of our platform to download free solution of your each subject
assignment in PDF. The method is already mentioned above.

How to download AIOU assignment question paper 2023?

How to track AIOU books 2023?

To track AIOU books 2023, you will no
need to worry because it is so simple to track your books by clicking this link
which is the official AIOU’s link to trace your books.

Note: Before tracing your book, you will need
to enter the exact roll number.

Here is the link for tracing your books.

How to track AIOU books 2023?

How to find AIOU tutor spring 2023?

To find AIOU tutor spring 2023, you will
need to go to their official website, but before that I want to let you know
that Allama Iqbal Open University has now decided to facilitate students by
giving them tutor consultancy. If a student is facing any hurdle in his/her any
subject, he can find a tutor for himself/herself. There are multiple methods to
acquire consultancy which include the phone call as well as email service too
which are mentioned at the official website of Allama Iqbal Open University.

So, there are two methods:

A) Method

Step 1: You will seek AIOU’s tutor by first acquiring
your own roll number, range (city) and name.

Step 2: Now go
to the TUTOR page of AIOU website by this link.

How to find AIOU tutor spring 2023?

Step 3: You can see there are two options you need to

a) Select your own region: You will select your city or region in

b) Select the program: This sub menu will only appear after you
finish selecting your region or city so now select the program.

Step 4: Now you have to click on the “submit button”

Note: Now you will be informed about your tutor and
its address by your email address and it will be also visible to you on the
official page there.

B) Method

Step 1: Go to this website:

How to find AIOU tutor spring / autumn 2023?

Step 2: Choose your program and region along with your
roll number along with your own personal information.

So, this is how you will get tutor address by this second method as

How to solve assignment spring 2023?

To solve assignment spring 2023, you will
first need to know that actually there are two methods for you to solve your

1)         Prepare
from the books which you receive by ordering from the Allama Iqbal Open University
and then give the exam on any paper. Once you finish doing it you will scan
those images by CamScanner application, and then upload it on the assignment
submission section on AIOU portal along with your number.

CamScanner application download link:

2)         The
method number two is quite easy for you. This method suggests that you may get
all of your subjects’ assignments here in our website. You will just need to
rewrite it on a blank paper and submit it on the AIOU portal. We have created
this eco-system just to help you to solve your assignment confusions. Once you
finish it you can then upload your assignment later on.

How to submit AIOU assignment 2023?

To submit AIOU assignment 2023,
you will need to carefully follow our steps which are the following:

Step 1: Log in to AAGHI LMS portal and Log in to it with
the help of your username and password.

How to submit AIOU assignment 2023?

Step 2: Click on courses and choose the course
according to your assignment subject.

Step 3: Click on the assignment and you will
see a new page will be open.

Step 4: Now click on the Add submission button
there. And then click on upload a file then browse your file from
your file manager of computer or mobile and then finally click on save

Note: You can edit your submitted assignment or its
title any time you want even after the assignment submission by tapping edit
option there.



  • What are AIOU assignments?

    AIOU assignments are the pdf files on the
bases a student gets marks and obtain any             grade.

  • How to download AIOU solved assignments?

    First of all visit our website

    Go to AIOU tab and click on solved

    Then download the assignment.

  • How to check AIOU book dispatch?

    To check AIOU book dispatch just kindly
visit the following link:

    Click on the following link:

    Enter your “roll number”

    Click on the button “Search the tutor”

    Click on print button and download the
file containing the details of your AIOU tutor.

  • How to submit AIOU assignments?

    Student can submit assignment through AIOU Aaghi Portal or by post. 

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