CS507 GDB Fall 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

CS507 GDB Fall 2023 – GDB – Solution VU

CS507 GDB Fall 2023 solution idea:

Scenario: Management style has a crucial impact on the efficiency of the human and capital resources, used in an organization. In order to achieve high performance, organizations should adopt different styles of management on different situations. Suppose you are a manager of an XYZ company. Company is intended to develop safety critical systems for National Development Complex. At each stage of development, there requires highly competitive skills, very complex situations, zero error rate and many others. Now, as you know there are different management styles such as Authoritative, Participative etc. Now, as a manager, which management style you will prefer to use in your company and why? Justify your answer with strong arguments.


An Autocratic or authoritarian manager makes all the decisions, keeping the information and decision making among the senior management. Objectives and tasks are set and the workforce is expected to do exactly as required. The communication involved with this method is mainly downward, from the leader to the sub-ordinate critics such as Elton Mayo have argued that this method can lead to a decrease in motivation from the employee’s point of view. The main advantage of this style is that the direction of the business will remain constant, and the decisions will all be similar, this in turn can project an image of a confident, well managed business. On the other hand, subordinates may become highly dependent upon the leaders and supervision may be needed. Decisions are taken centrally by the senior management themselves and are enforced at all levels.


In a Democratic style, the manager allows the employees to take part in decision-making: therefore everything is agreed by the majority. The communication is extensive in both directions (from subordinates to leaders and vice-versa). This style can be particularly useful when complex decisions need to be made that require a range of specialist skills: for example, when a new computerized system needs to be put in place and the upper management of the business is computer-illiterate. From the overall business’s point of view, job satisfaction and quality of work will improve. However, the decision-making process is severely slowed down, and the need of a consensus may avoid taking the ‘best’ decision for the business.


The approach is a combination of both authoritative and participative style. Input from employees is taken and respected, final decision is taken by the senior management keeping in view the views given by the employees.

cs507 gdb solution

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