MGMT624 Assignment 2 Fall 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

MGMT624 Assignment 2 Fall 2023 – Assignments – Solution VU

MGMT624 Assignment 2 Fall 2023 solution idea:


Leadership and Team Management (MGMT624)

Assignment 02


Question. 01: (5 mark)

 In your opinion, which of the issues of group decision making can be identified in this scenario? Discuss?

Answer: In my opinion “Unilaterally by an individual” can be identified. In Unilateral approach, one person makes the decision for the whole group. Also like Mr. Ali’s team members it enables to take decision fast. Some group members might not be understanding rationale for decision. Also may be their decision maker make decision with inadequate information. Decision maker made the decision but he/she get less support as his/her group members are unable to defend the decision and also they are not too much confident about decision.


Question. 02: (5 marks)

What steps Mr. Ali can take or could have taken to eliminate the issue?

Answer: Mr. Ali should adopt Team problem solving technique number 1 “Consensus” which presenting opinions and gaining agreement to support a decision. A proposal may be offered that is acceptable enough that all members are willing to support it. How can you reach a true consensus?

He should identify all options and views. Consensus is built on common ideas. He should to discuss the differences.

Mr. Ali should propose alternatives or compromises to settle differences and must test consensus when he seem to have a conclusion by “doing a check”. Go around room and have everyone given their current opinion.  If he could not reach at any consensus then he should repeat the whole process again.




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