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BIO204 GDB Fall 2023 Solution idea:


Q. Write the advantages of continuous sterilization over batch sterilization;



The main advantages of continuous sterilization compared to the batch sterilization are;

  • Uniform steam requirements throughout the duration of the sterilization Simplified process control.
  • Safer sterilization and lower and more uniform demand on services.
  • The design will lead to a safe control of sterilization and elimination of cold pockets where the bioprocess broth could be insufficiently treated. This will result in a safer sterilization and the treated broth can be made much more consistent in quality than that from a batch type.
  • Continuous sterilization of the broth means a total heat treatment of only about 3–5 min, compared to the batch one where for the same volume a total time of 3–10 h is needed.
  • The more latent heat treatment of the broth can result in a higher yield, especially for heat-sensitive types of broth.
  • Shorter sterilization time means less thermal degradation of medium.
  • Superior maintenance of medium quaility.
  • Easier automatic control.




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