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AIOU Solved Assignment 1 & 2 Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Aiou solved assignment 1 & 2 code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023. Compulsory English-I code 1424 solved assignment 2023. Also have solved past paper for code 1424. And assignments marks 2023 aiou solved assignments code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 1424Autumn & Spring 2023 

Course: Compulsory English-I Level: B.A Code: 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023 

In Unit 1, Section A of your textbook; you have learnt how to form WH questions………………………..

Who is your brother?

Whose daughter is sitting next to Masooma? When do you go to school?
Where are my keys?
What will Aqsa study next year?

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AIOU Code 1424 Solved Assignments

In Unit 1 of your textbook you have learnt how to make ……………………………………………..

A habit He drinks tea at breakfast.
She only eats fish
They watch television regularly.
I am good listener.
I am loose tempered.

A repeated action We catch the bus every morning.
It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
They drive to Monaco every summer.
I play golf every Monday.
She doesn’t love him.

A Feeling She is angry
We are cold.
I smell cookies.
Sarah loves movies.
I enjoy cricket

A Fact Water freezes at zero degree.
The Earth revolves around the Sun.
The Sun rises from the East.
The sky isn’t green.
The word smart means “intelligent”

A Schedule She will see you before she leaves.
We’ll give it to her when she arrives.
The museum closes at 5pm.
I take a shower daily.
School bus arrives at 8 a.m. Moreover,

AIOU Solved Assignment Compulsory English-I 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Unit 1, Section C of your textbook taught how to guess the meanings…………………………………………

Words Meaning
Insolent Rude (Showing a rude as well as arrogant lack of
Precipitation Rain
Gist Main idea
Commendation Very good (Formal or official praise.)
Erudite Having or showing great knowledge or
learning. Moreoever,
In Unit 2 Section A of your textbook you have learnt how to use …………………………………
Ali smokes a lot, doesn’t he?
My mother has lovely hair, not hasn’t she?
You do like this film we’re watching, don’t you?
He can’t speak English very well, can he?
Your brother isn’t married, is he?
She doesn’t cook very well, does she?
We can go to the cinema tomorrow if you want, can’t we?
They don’t have a very nice house, do they?
She is the richest women in the town, Isn’t she?
They mustn’t go too near the lake, shouldn’t we?. Moreover,
The present perfect tense tells us about both the past as well as the present as you read in Unit 2…………
Roger as well as Melinda have owned their sailboat for 10 years. During that time, they have sailed together many times. They have sailed to lots of places. They have sailed on the Pacific Ocean. Moreover They have also sailed on the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore they have even sailed around the Gulf of Mexico twice. However, they have never sailed on the Arctic Ocean or Indian Ocean.
In the last year, Roger as well as Melinda have sailed around the Hawaiian Islands as well as across the Hudson Bay. Roger as well as Melinda love to travel in their sailboat!. Moreover,

Aiou Solved Assignments Code 1424

In Unit 2 section D you have been taught about “Information or Personal Letterd”………….

My dear Aslam,
House No, 25,
St. No 3,
20th August, 2018.

I am well here, as well as I hope you as well as your family is also well. It been a long time since we met.
As well as sorry to give you late reply for your previous letter.
As you know English is a very important language as well as we need to learn it. English has become a global language as well as it’s very important to speak in English to get a good job.
English is one of Pakistan’s official language as well as almost every good companies demands a good English speaking employee, so he can deal with the clients.
But as you know, I am very weak in English for the days of school. I have always faced difficulties in English. That was one the reason of scoring low marks for me. But I know you are superb in English as well as you have scored good marks too. Therefore, I request you to teach me English in a proper manner, so I can get a good job. It will be a favor on me as well as I will never forget it.
You lovely Friend Nazar Hassan Shah. Moreover,

In Unit 3 Section C of your textbook taught you how to predict the content ………………………………
This book may on a young girl.
Maybe, the girl is searching for something in the story.
It’s look a suspense story.
This is love story.
This is looking of village girl story. Moreover,
In Unit 4, Section B you have learnt what modal verbs are Scan the following …………………….
Modal Verbs: Should, Must, May, Might, Must, Shouldn’t, Must

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Aiou Solved Assignments Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

In Unit 4, Section A of your textbook. You have learnt about the use of Shall, Should,………….
There shall be no food as well as drink on the premises.
Will you please be quiet?
I will Probably go out tonight.
Should we tell him about our idea?
I will probably spend the holidays with my family. Moreover,

Solved Assignments BA Compulsory English-I Code 1424 Autumn & spring 2023

In Unit 3, Section A of your textbook, you have learnt how to agree or disagree with?

  1. Agree He does not like mushrooms. No, he does not.
    I a afraid I agree with you.
  2. Disagree The best place for animals to live is in their natural habitat. That’s not always true.
    No, I am not so sure about that.
  3. Agree I can touch my nose with my tongue! I agree with you 100 percent
    That’s so true.
  4. Disagree You won’t go to work tomorrow, will you? Yes, I will.
    I beg to differ.
  5. Agree I think everybody should have access to free health care. No doubt about it.
    That’s exactly how I feel.
  6. Disagree Footballers earn too much money. I beg to differ.
    I’d say the exact opposite
  7. Accept Would you like another piece of cake? Yes, please. It’s delicious.
    Sure, I love chocolate cake.
  8. Refuse Please have some more fried chicken. Thank you, but I’ve had enough.
    No wat, I am full.
  9. Refuse We are going to the local car show. Would you like to join us? I’m afraid I can’t.
    I would love to, but I am busy at home.
  10. Accept We’re having a party on Saturday. Would you like to come? I’d love to.
    Absolutely. I shall come.



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