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AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 1424 Autumn& Spring 2023

Aiou Solved Assignments code 1424 Autumn & Spring  2023 assignments 1 and 2  Course: English I (1424) spring 2023. aiou past papers.

Autumn 2023 B.a (1424)
Total Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 40
ASSIGNMENT No. 1 (Units 1–4) 
English I

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Q.1 Suppose you are a journalist and you are required to interview a famous Pakistani philanthropist, what ten questions you will ask to obtain maximum information about his/ her life and profession? (10) (ABDUL Satar EDHI)

QUESTION1: You have been described by many as a hero of the people. What drives you as a person and as a humanitarian? 

ANSWER: I do humanitarian work for the common people, which is why people like me. In short, I work for the suffering of the common man, something I am very proud of and will continue to do. I believe in nature and humanity and am here to serve the common people of Pakistan. There is a great deal of suffering in this country and I’m here to help. 

Q2: What is the mainstay of the Edhi Foundation’s activities? 

A: The mainstay of our activities is the ambulance service. [Currently the largest private ambulance service in the world]. We provide a broad range of services for the poor and destitute – even when it comes to burying the dead. Our motto is ‘from cradle to grave.’ Unwanted babies are delivered to us through our cradle programme, where we work to find new homes for them for parents desiring children. In addition to our healthcare programmes, we also have a programme for burying the dead, meeting all the necessary expenses for those who are unable to do so. 

Q3: Of all your programmes, which are you most proud of? 

A: I’m most proud of the ambulance service. This is emergency work. Many times Edhi ambulances are the first to arrive and save people’s lives. I’m very proud of this. 

Q4: Your operation is quite broad-based. On a daily basis, what does it cost to run? 

A: Our daily running costs are around 1.2 million rupees a day

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 Code 1424 Autumn  & Spring 2023

[approximately US $20,000]

Q5: How are you funded? 

A: I want to create awareness amongst the common people of Pakistan and I generally appeal to the Pakistani people living here and abroad for help and they provide me with the necessary resources. It is my principle never to accept any donations from any government or any foreign funded organisation. I do this work for the common people and part of that work is creating a general awareness of such problems as they exist because my work is beyond class, religion and creed. 

It is because of my principle that people continue to give. One time there was a student at Punjab University in Lahore who came down with cancer and his friend came to me for help. I stood outside on the street in Lahore and asked the people in that city for help. Within four or five hours, I received more than 40 million rupees

[more than US $670,000]

Q6: If there is a secret to fund-raising, what is it? 

A: The ‘secret’ as you say is in my work. People, the common people, can genuinely see what I’m doing. Moreover, people know that I have adopted four principles in living my life: simple living, punctuality, hard work and prudence. These are the four principles I adopted at the very beginning and continue to use until now. People see this and give me donations. 

AIOU Solved Assignments 2 Code 1424 Autumn  & Spring 2023

Q7: What in your view are the most pressing problems impacting Pakistan today? 

A: The basic problem affecting the country today is human rights. Islamic fundamentalists have no roots among the common people and while they are pushing hard for religious fundamentalists to take hold, the common people still seek change through humanitarian and common human rights law. This is a big problem in this country. The common people don’t believe this kind of religion because first and foremost they want to solve their basic problems, including human rights and economic. 

Q8: Many of the activities you are involved in are activities that the [Pakistani] government actually should be doing. How does the government react to your work? 

A: The attitude of the government is very good. They have been very supportive and we haven’t had any problems. 

Q9: How do you see the humanitarian spirit of Pakistan today? 

A: The attitude of the Pakistani people is very good. Whenever I release any statement or deliver any kind of speech, they respond favourably. 

Q10: What has made the Edhi Foundation the success that it is? 

A: Hard work and human rights…what more can I say? 

Q.2 Observe your mother’s daily activities closely for a few days and then write a brief and concise paragraph about her daily routine. The paragraph must be both cohesive and coherent. (10) 

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Q.3 Write question tags for the following sentences. Notice carefully whether the statement is positive or negative in each case. (10) 

AIOU Solved Assignments Code 1424 Autumn  & Spring 2023

i. It is very pleasant today, isn’t it? ii. She does not take interest in her studies, Does she? iii. You are fond of classical music, aren’t you ?? iv. She will attend a training session next week, won’t she? v. The rate of inflation increases day by day, isn’t it? vi. I am a friendly person, aren’t I?? vii. We must follow the traffic rules, mustn’t we? viii. They are striving hard to be successful, aren’t they? ix. He is good at Mathematics, isn’t he? x. She can handle any situation skillfully, can’t she

Q.4 Write an informal letter to one of your cousins and congratulate her / him on achieving top position in the CSS exam. Also suggest her/ him which particular service group she/ he should join to serve the country and the nation in the best possible ways. Give logical arguments to convince your cousin. (20) 

Ravi Road, Lahore. January 12,2019 Dear Faraz, I hope, this finds you in nice health. How pleased I am to hear the happy news of your brilliant success in the CSS Examination with distinction in Ecnomics. Please accept my heartily congratulation. My parents are also pleased to hear the news. Please convey our congratulations to your parents. 

Your success is indeed very creditable but it is not unexpected. Your regular, hear and methodical work has received its reward and you have brought credit to you and family. Keep it up! You will be of great asset to your family and more over to this nation. I wish for You elect as Asistant Commissinor in Pakistan Administrative Service, Most of them are desk jobs with authority, where you sit in office, lead different projects/ do correspondence with other depts and execute state affairs. 

Congratulating you again. 

Yours sincerely, 


AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Autumn & Spring  2023 Code 1424

Q.5 The following instances contain some highlighted words, guess the meaning of these words and use them into sentences of your own. (10) 

(i) I confiscated Akram’s knife (ii) I couldn’t coax her or compromise with her. (iii) He was treated like an outcast by the other children (iv) As there’s no tea, we’ll have to content ourselves with coffee. (v) The police observed a man enter the bank. 

Q.6 Express your agreement as well as disagreement on the following issues. Choose a different expression each time. (10) 

(i) Energy crises in Pakistan will be tackled efficiently this year. Agreement: That’s so true.inshallah will be tackled. Disagreement: I don’t think so, Energy crises will be tackle in this year. (ii) The greatest obstacle to economic stability is terrorism these days. Agreement: Absolutely. 

Disagreement: I don’t think so, the government is not showing maturity. i. Coeducation system should be introduced at the grass root level. Agrreement:. You’re absolutely right,it should be introduced at the grass root level. Disagreement: I totally disagree, it should not be at any level ii. A man is architect of his own fate. Agreement: That’s exactly how I feel. 

Disagreement: Not necessarily. v. Men and women should be given equal salary for the identical nature of job 

in private sector. Agreement: That’s exactly how I feel. 

Disagreement: Not necessarily 

Q.7 Look at the front covers given below and make five predictions about the contents of each of the two books. (10) 

(i) Disappearnce A stunning story of secrets and scandal, identity and infidelity. Terrible book filled with unlikely scenarios and uninteresting characters. What plot there is is plodding. he story is a sort of light mystery, where there is no gore or violence, but plenty to speculate about. Candlish offers one twist after another, both of the big ones I did not see coming. The ending felt a little rushed, but overall, definitely an engaging, well-written and plotted 

read. (ii) Cecelia Ahern ( the book of tomorrow) 

Tamara Goodwin has always lived in the here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. A mesmerizing story about how tomorrow can change what happens today. The Book of Tomorrow is the story of sixteen (check, seventeen) year old Tamara 

Goodwin, who has it all. It’s as though they know whose life they need to be a part of, how they can make a difference, how they can teach a lesson, put a smile on a face at just the right time.’ (Fantastic!

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 1424 Autumn & Spring 2023

Q.8 Suppose your younger brother/ sister has won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and has started getting education in any Western country. Write a letter and give him/her advice that how can he/she enhance positive image of Pakistan while staying there. (20) 

Mr. Faraz 

Ravi Road Lahore, 

24 Marhc,2018. 

My dear Sister, 


I understand that now-a-days you are seriously concentrating on your studies. You are now a grown up girl.. This is the time to build up the career with honest efforts. If necessary, you may join a coaching class for help. I shall write to our father to pay for it. 

In view of the prevailing global environment Pakistan unfortunately does not have an enviable image among the fraternity of nations, mainly attributable to the phenomenon of terrorism and religious extremism which also pose an existentialist threat to the country. No person in his right mind would take an issue with what the prime minister has said. 

We have been hearing similar voices from our rulers about projecting soft image of Pakistan internationally and calling for a paradigm shift in the conduct of our foreign policy, with greater emphasis on public diplomacy as an effective and indispensable ingredient of the strategy to achieve the desired objectives. But regrettably no credible and concrete steps were taken to achieve the desired objective 

Please write to me if you have any personal problems. Accept me not only as your beloved brother, but also as an intimate friend to whom you may easily open your mind. I am ready to guide and help you in all matters. 

Yours affectionately, X.Y.Z 

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