aiou solved assignment code 207

Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 207 Autumn 2023-2023

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Free AIOU Solved Assignment Code 207 Autumn 2023-2023

Title Name AIOU Solved Assignment Code 207
University AIOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Matric
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023-2024
Assignment Code Code 207 /2023-2024
Product AIOU Matric Code 207 (AIOU)

Course: Compulsory English-I (207)
Semester: Autumn, 2023-2023

ASSIGNMENT No.1 Compulsory English-I (207) Autumn 2023

Q.1 Read Unit 1, exercise 7 and write down the questions of the answers given by Gul Bibi on page 28.
Ans: 1-Question:Who are you? Gul Bibi: I am a Pathan.

2- Question: Which language do you speak?
Gul Bibi: I speak Pushto.

3- Question: What do you do? Gul Bibi:
I am a housewife.

4- Question:What does your husband do?
Gul Bibi: My husband is a farmer.

5- Question: Who are these children?
Gul Bibi: These are my grandchildren.

Q.2 Read Unit 2. You want to get a car on rent for your trip to Gilgit. Write a dialogue between yourself and the car dealer

Ans: A Dialogue:
Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum Khan Sahib.
Car dealer: Wa-alaikum Salam Sir, what can I do for you?
Me: I want to get a car on rent for three days.
Car dealer: Which car would you like to get?
Me: I would like Toyota Corolla GLi, Model 2018.
Car dealer: Can you do with Model 2019?
Me: Yes, it is even better. What about the rent?
Car dealer: Our rent is quite reasonable, it’s without driver Rs
5000/ per day and Rs 10000/ per day with driver.
Me: It’s too much Khan Sahib. I want to get a car without driver.
Car dealer: For you speacially it would be Rs 4000/ day.
Me: It’s okay, Thank you.

2023 AIOU Solved Assignment Code 207

Q.3 Read Unit 2. Write the following words in the sentences given below. As, because, although, since, therefore

Ans: i.Ali and Saba like their new house because it is in beautiful place.
ii. He did not put any jacket although it was very cold.
iii. He picked the garbage up as he passed the dirty street.
iv. He was up since the crack of dawn.
v. He had to reach in time therefore he rushed as soon as he had his breakfast.

Q.4 Read Unit 2. Write a short paragraph giving information about the things you bought from the and also about the setting and dimension of your room etc.

Ans: Decorating my Room: Last week I planned to decorate my study room. I went to bazar to buy the necessary items. There I bought wall papers, a wall clock and a beutiful table lamp. I also bought some indoor plants, some vases and a side table. I bought some wall hangings too. I thought it was enough within my budget. Then I set to decorate my study room. My younger brother Nomi and my sister gave me a good helping hand. The room was soon well decorated and now it gives a charming and eye catching look.

Q.5 Read Unit 3. Suppose you see an advertisement of job for a teacher in a newspaper. The administration of the office requires the following information.

Ans: 1-Full name: Asad Qureshi
2- Permanent home address: 375-B Johar town Lahore
3- Present address: Same 4- Education: B.A. B.Ed.
5- Experience: 5 years
6- Awards /certificates: Distinction certificate
7- Any other language spoken: Urdu, Punjabi

Write a detailed paragraph of all this information.
Paragraph: My name is Asad Qureshi. My permanent home address is 375-B Johar Town, Lahore. I am a graduate. I have got 5 year teaching experience. During my service I showed very good results and was awarded Distinction Certificate. I am fluent in speaking English, Urdu and Punjabi.

Download AIOU Solved Assignment Code 207

Q.6 Use the present continuous tense or ing form of the verb to write 5
sentences using the following verbs.

Ans: Present Continuous Tense:
i. Jump: Boys are jumping in the ground.
ii. Jog: I am jogging in the park.
iii. Walk: Men are walking in the garden.
iv. Stroll: My friends are strolling here and there.
v. Limp: The old man is limping.

Q.7 Read Unit 3, Bilal wants to apply for the post of an internee at Silk Bank. Write a paragraph using the following words to tell him the procedure. firstly secondly Later next After that Finally

Ans: Bank Internship: Firstly Bilal you should search for internship job online. Secondly prepare your resume and a cover letter. Next review your application and submit it via e-mail. After that prepare for your interview by mock practice with a friend or family member. Finally, with the grace of Allah if you are selected, extend warm thanks to the manager and set to your work.

Q.8 Read the following story and answers the questions. Consult your dictionary for difficult words.

1-What happened right after David went into Adam’s room?
a. Adam jumped into David’s bed.
b. David grabbed a flashlight from his desk drawer.
c. Adam awoke to strange sound coming from his bedroom closet.
Ans:d. David heard the noise coming from Adam’s closet.

2- What did David plan to do with the pillowcase?
a. Keep the creature from coming out of the closet.
b. Scare the creature in the closet.
Ans:c. Catch the creature in the closet.
d. Hit the creature in closet.

3- What was making the strange sounds in Adam’s closet?
Ans: The boy’s cat, Apricat was trapped in the closet.

4- Write three adjectives that describe David. Tell why you chose each word.
(i) Brave because he was willing to catch the creature in the closet.
(ii) Annoyed because he did not like his brother waking him up.
(iii) Tired because he spoke in a tiresome tone.

5- What type of story is that?

A. Tall tale
B. Non fiction
C. (Mistery)/
D. Fable

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